Bruiser Contracting Limited
“Bruiser and I are both really impressed with the level of service Ross and his team offer – we’ve leased 2 haulers in the past two years, both rebuilt Madills and they have both been little gems – it’s a real asset to our company to be able to lease top quality, reliable machinery with back up service on tap – best decision we ever made, we haven’t looked back and Ross’ advice is always an added bonus”
– Bruiser & Jodie, Bruiser Contracting Limited
“Without a doubt Log Lease has New Zealand’s best fleet of yarders on offer.All are most desirable in category as well as being built and maintainedto the highest level.
The fleet has been extremely well planned to ensure consistency in Key areas such as Engines, Transmissions, Brakes & Clutches. This Enables Log Lease to carry a full range of back up parts of the shelf when you need them.
Log Lease owners Ross & Lynette Davis are Industry leaders and alongside some New Zealand’s most successful and well respected Contractors. This success can largely be attributed to operating and maintaining an outstanding fleet of proven and reliable equipment that consistently delivers results. The Cable Logging and general industry knowledge that comes with Proprietor Ross Davis is invaluableand given generously.
In a market where quality yarders are becoming expensive and hard to find leasing absolutely stacks up and reduces risk in what can be a volatile industry.”
– Jonny Schick, Shaw’s Wire Ropes
Bryant Logging
“John and I have leased one of Ross’s Madill 071 hauler for over a year now. We both have been really impressed at the quality of the hauler with modification making it an up market hauler to use. Ross delivers Excellent backup service and maintenance without hesitation. We have also found that with Ross’s advice throughout this time has been extremely beneficial it is great to have all his knowledge on board with his expertise in the logging industry. Having top quality machines have been a great help to our business growing and succeeding in the way it is. we would send anyone his way without hesitation if they are looking to have top quality machines and awesome service.”
– John & Eva Hingston, JE & JM Limited

CPM Contracting Ltd

We have been very happy with the hauler that we are leasing from Log Lease.
It is the most up to date and best pulling hauler I have used in my harvesting career, which spans 25+ years.
The machine is well maintained and Ross responds quickly to any queries and requests we may have.
A great team to work with.
– Fiona Mullany, CPM Contracting Ltd