If the recent disruptions to the logging industry have reminded us of one thing, it’s that logging can be a volatile and stressful industry to be in. With the high levels of debt and risks associated with running a logging business, impacts of the 2019 log price downturn to the Covid-19 pandemic have been huge. Reducing debt through leased logging equipment is one way to mitigate unnecessary financial risk, so here, we look at the benefits of leased logging equipment.
It goes without saying that having reliable, quality equipment is key to hitting production and running a successful harvesting operation. But quality gear is expensive, and lots of loggers fall into the trap of purchasing less than reliable gear that ends up hurting their bottom line, with massive downtime and repair bills coming at them.
Leasing logging gear is an alternative solution, that’s gaining more traction and reducing financial risk and stress for many contractors. Log Lease carries a range of specialist lease equipment for the logging industry, with a fleet of haulers, skidders and other mechanised gear.


  • Less debt – fees are in the tens of thousands rather than having debt of 1m+ per machine
  • Maintenance – Log Lease Diesel Mechanics on call to get machines operational asap if something needs repairing unexpectedly
  • Reliability – we stock high quality equipment that is regularly serviced and reliable
  • Flexible terms – you can negotiate the terms and conditions of your lease so that you only have the machine for as long as you need
  • Expertise and knowledge – benefit from the experience and knowledge of a team who have been in the industry for years and who know what’s happening at a wider industry level